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Stories of Jesus Sheet Music

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Writing Gethsemane


Writing about the life of the Savior for children was an incredible experience for me. As the project began to take shape I was concerned about how to deal with the end of His life; the suffering in Gethsemane doubled with His pain on Calvary.

One day we were up in the mountains writing (my favorite place to write!) and as we were driving home the words came into my mind, "Gethsemane, Jesus loves me." - so simple and powerful. I realized that, of all the songs I was writing, this was the most important! Children could and needed to understand that Jesus suffered for them because

He loves them. It was His gift of love that began in Gethsemane, continued on Calvary and gloriously culminated at the empty tomb. The rest of the song came quickly. It was a gift, as was the whole experience of writing "Stories of Jesus," and I will always be grateful for the privilege of receiving it. - Melanie

Stories of Jesus Sheet Music - Home Version

(simpler arrangement - more melody). 15 songs


Stories of Jesus Sheet Music - Performance Version

(CD arrangement - less melody).  15 songs


Stories of Jesus Sheet Music - Home and Performance Bundles.  15 Home arrangements plus 15 Performance arrangements


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