Melanie Hoffman is an award-winning songwriter whose life-time focus has been writing for children. Her best-known creation as a songwriter is “Gethsemane” from her CD “Stories of Jesus”. With her partners, Roger, Marvin Payne and Steven Kapp Perry, she has written “Scripture Scouts (Deseret Book)”, the “Alexander's Amazing Adventures” (Linda and Richard Eyre), and “We Are Amazing” (Bobbi Hansen), songs for elementary school-age children to learn and perform. She has also written for National Geographic Kids.


Roger Hoffman is a singer, producer, arranger and film composer who has received awards for his compositions including the CLIO, Peabody and New York Film Festival awards. As a songwriter, his most recognized work is "Consider the Lilies”.  He has soloed on dozens of recorded works with various artists including the Tabernacle Choir and has been featured as a soloist on "Music and the Spoken Word”.

Roger and Melanie work closely together writing, arranging and producing original music including 12 albums of their own work. Their Album "Lullabies of Jesus and Other Gentle Songs" has received millions of listens on digital streaming services. Together, they have written the musical scores for award-winning documentaries.

The Hoffmans live in Orem, Utah and work frequently with their four sons who are also involved in the media.


phone and text: 801-787-1697