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Songs for the Second Coming

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We Are His Lights sheet music for solo, duet or 2-part choir.


License for single copy



License for Unlimited  copies for 1 group



 We Are His Lights Lyrics


“Star Light, star bright, first star I see to night.”

Children always wish upon a star.

May be they see a glimpse of eternity

Helping them remember who they are.


Chorus - We are His lights, shining,

Clear and Bright, shining

Into the night, shining, shining for Him.

He is the Light, burning,

Hope of our hearts, yearning,

Lord of the Light, learning to be like Him.


In the quiet I hear the Spirit

singing the song of the stars.

The One who made them

scattered the heavens

with flames of light

to show us who we are. 


Repeat Chorus -


Someday, shining, we will be like Him, 

Growing till we reach the perfect day. 

Rising together our light grows brighter

till every shade of darkness fades away.


Repeat Chorus -



©2019 Peace Mountain Music • ASCAP

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