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Gethsemane-Jesus Loves Me  



"Jesus climbed the hill to the garden still" by Melanie Hoffman.  For vocal and instrumental arrangements and more information

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Special thanks to our son Matt for his beautiful photography.

See his work on Instagram - m.gene.hoffman

In response to many requests...

New Choir Arrangements for Easter 

from the CD Stories of Jesus

The Day Jesus Died - for SATB choir
A poignant song that contemplates the reactions of all who were present on that terrible day;  those who loved Him, those who condemned Him, and all Creation that mourned Him.
He Is Risen - for SA or two-part choir
A joyous setting of the traditional He Is Risen with additional music and lyrics by Melanie. Perfect for children and adults.


Gethemane Book contains Gethsemane Sheet Music


A Remembrance of the Atonement for LDS Families

The words to Gethsemane by Melanie Hoffman beautifully illustrated by the paintings of modern masters. Includes sheet music, a performance track and a 4-song music CD from the Stories of Jesus CD. Retail Price $10.99 - Buy the Gethsemane Gift Book with our He Is Coming CD for $15.95  

Click here to listen to clips from  He Is Coming

Two young moms were driving in the car with their excited, noisy children. The driver smiled at her friend, turned on “Lullabies of Jesus” and said, “Watch this.” Within minutes there was peace in the car. Her little three-year old piped up and said, “This is the one where the angels sing.”

"Our boys love Sunday Day of Joy and it truly brings the spirit into our home." - S.K.


A grandma called and ordered 5 Sunday Day of Joy CDs, saying "I want these beautiful songs for all my grandchildren!" 

We are excited to share this new arrangement with you! Our gift to you is the recording of our performance of this powerful song.


Thank you for your support of our music. You are a blessing to us!

Roger and Melanie

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