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Picture of Jesus in Gethsemane

Writing about the life of the Savior for children was an

incredible experience for me. As the project began to

take shape I was concerned about how to deal with

the end of His life; the suffering in Gethsemane and

Calvary. One day we were up in the mountains... Read More

Painting of Jesus Christ

Children who love Gethsemane are also loving to sing this powerful song of the very personal ways the Savior ministers to us. Arranged For Solo, SA Duet, SAB or SATB choir.

Sheet Music of the song Savior

New simplified accompaniment.


Cover of Stories of Jesus CD

Children Love This Music!

15 carefully researched songs about the life and miracles of Jesus, including Gethsemane, are unfolded in Melanie Hoffman’s joyful songs. CD $9.99 or download $11.99 at

The Day Jesus Died

from Stories of Jesus 

The wicked men who plotted His death shouted and cheered. Others taunted and jeered. They felt cruel pride on the day Jesus died.

All the creations that Jesus had made felt the great sadness. The sun hid its face from the shame of that place. Earth trembled and sighed on the day Jesus died.


The people who loved Him were shadowed in grief. They watched it unfold just as they had been told. In sorrow they cried on the day Jesus died.


But Jesus had come here to do this hard thing. He gave up His life in anguish and strife and on love He relied the day that He died.

Listen to The Day Jesus Died From Stories of Jesus

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Buy The Day Jesus Died Solo Sheet Music $1.99
Buy The Day Jesus Died SATB Sheet Music $1.99
Print All the Music You Need for Your Choir $6.99

Two really fun ways to teach your children important things; understanding the Sabbath and learning about the love and power of Jesus.


The Lord Is My Shepherd

(He Leadeth Me)

Vocal Duet or SA Choir with Violin

Melanie's evocative new setting of an ageless theme 

Adapted from Psalm 23. 

"Our boys love Sunday Day of Joy and it truly brings the spirit into our home." - S.K.


Includes "The Sabbath Is a Sign", now playing on FM 100 Soft Sunday Sounds.

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