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We've added new instrumental obligato parts and a simplified piano accompaniment to the Gethsemane sheet music collection, plus a Gethsemane learning mp3 for Primaries and Children's Choirs.

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Gethsemane Olive tree



Sunday Cover


Sunday Day of Joy!

Happy Songs to Help Young Families Find Delight in the Sabbath

Songs include The Sabbath Is a Sign, based on the covenant in Exodus 31:13, a beautiful sacrament medley, a song that teaches about giving to those in need, a song about ancestors, "The Sunday Suite," a humorous look at the practical side of Sunday with little people, and more.

This album is designed to help breathe joy into Sunday morning.

When we wrote these songs, we studied the words of Isaiah and read Elder James E. Faust’s words, “There is a sure protection for ourselves and our children against the plagues of our day. The key to that sure protection, surprisingly, can be found in Sabbath observance.”

The Sabbath is the Lord’s gift to His people. Through these songs we hope to unwrap some of the wonder and joy that can be found on that special day.

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Click here for sheet music to Savior, The Lord Is My Shepherd, We Are Joy, The Sabbath Is a Sign and He Is Coming 



Click here to read lyrics, view comments and listen to song samples of Stories of Jesus.
Click here to read lyrics, view comments and listen to song samples of He Is Coming.
The mp3 album download of He Is Coming is now available.


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