STN Texture Collection

117 seamless textures. 10 different categories.

The STN Texture Collection is an all-inclusive collection of
117 royalty free, tileable, high quality textures, bump maps and specular maps.

Preview the textures here or see sample scenes made with the collection.

Sample scene made with only 4 of the 117 textures in the STN collection.
Click here for more sample scenes. Or preview the textures here.

"The STN Texture collection belongs in the arsenal of every Strata 3D user. The selection is carefully chosen to provide the textures most commonly required, while including enough of the hard-to-find ones to make you say "Eureka!". And they're easy to use within the Strata interface. Just drag and drop!"

-- Tad Trueblood, former Strata Marketing Director, now Director of WestRim Digital Arts




The STN Texture Collection is a CD of 117 royalty free, high quality, tileable textures in 10 different categories. All are 32-bit textures. They were designed specifically for 3D artists so each texture has its own bump map and specular maps where applicable.

Whether it be for bathing your 3D environments in realistic textures, or for creating interesting backgrounds for web, video or print media, the STN Texture Collection will become an integral part of any artist's toolbox. The collection works on both Mac and PC and because it includes the pure image files, it is compatible with almost any 3D program on the market.

As a bonus, there are pre-made texture files for Strata 3D users. Simply drop the STN folder into your textures folder and you've instantly added 117 new textures!

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Or to see sample scenes made with the collection, click here.

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