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Stories of Jesus

Stories of Jesus

Song Samples in mp3 format
 See the Joy

 Run to Egypt

 Child of Grace

 Come into the Water

 The Miracles of Jesus

 Good News

 Loaves and Fishes


 Lord of the Sea



 The Day Jesus Died
 He Is Risen
Stories of Jesus

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Stories of Jesus is an album of music sung by children, for children. Written and produced by Roger and Melanie Hoffman, the creators of the successful Scripture Scouts series, Stories of Jesus presents 15 original songs about the life of Jesus. Parents will love the way their children learn the stories of Jesus. Children will love the easy melodies and young voices. Endearing and filled with important gospel messages, Stories of Jesus is an album the whole family can enjoy.

From birth and the flight to Egypt to His death and resurrection, these carefully researched stories of the Savior’s life are unfolded in Melanie Hoffman’s “witty, insightful and joyful” songs.

We've just received a one-time license from Deseret Book to reprint the "Stories of Jesus" CD. We've added all the accompaniment tracks for the songs on the CD for this special limited edition!

Click here for the Stories of Jesus sheet music

What people are saying about "Stories of Jesus"

"We LOVE your CD 'Stories of Jesus.' Our primary sang 'Gethsemane' last week in sacrament and now it seems like it's EVERYONE'S favorite song, including both of my boys (and one of them takes a lot of energy to teach him words and he learned it in less than one week!)  My kids beg to hear 'the sheep song'!  I'm so grateful for the testimony that you share in your music. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 
Your CD has brought a peaceful and fun spirit into our home."
- A mom in Idaho

"I am so grateful for the gift Stories of Jesus has been to my family. I have loved sharing these songs that capture the pure joy of the 'good news' with my grandson. This collection of songs brings a smile to the heart."
- Michael McLean - Songwriter, Author, Film Producer

"As parents with ten children ages 3 to 23, we have all enjoyed the music of Stories of Jesus. Our younger children in particular have listened to and even memorized the songs. Gethsemene is a song which is worth the price of the entire CD. We know of no other music for children about the atonement which is so simple in its message yet so profound in its meaning. The example and love of the Savior flows through each song."
- Ben & Valerie Tyler

I have listened to 'Stories of Jesus' many times. I am always searching for ways to bring my family to Christ. One day as I was driving to a church meeting I was thinking about how I felt about the Savior when I listened to 'Stories of Jesus.' Tears filled my eyes as I felt the Spirit bear witness to me that if our children really knew the Savior, and truly loved Him, they would never want to disappoint him. That was the key. Our children need to know Jesus Christ so they can love Him. Thank you Melanie and Roger Hoffman, for creating a tool to bring Christ into my home in a very real, very personal way. 
- Jill Connelly, Author "The Holiday Book"

Melanie and Roger talk about "Stories of Jesus"
on The Cricket & Seagull Fireside Chat
(with several clips from the album)
Click Here